The Nail Room

Protein Based Nails €32
Protein base will fulfil your dreams of long, strong nails. Thanks to the reliable Protein this will help with weak, brittle nails.

What are the advantages of Protein Base?
Growing nails stronger and do not split 
-Contains proteins derived from jojoba 
- Creates a layer resistant to mechanical damage and harmful external factors 
-Works as a foundation for shellac nails or can be used on its own for a naturallook 
- Lasts up to 4 weeks
- Is 100% soluble

Nail options
Full set of gel nails €50
Natural Nail Overlay €35
Vinylux Weekly Polish €15 (includes buff & polish)
With Shellac Top Coat €20
Mini Manicure €20 (includes cuticle work, buff & polish)
Manicure €28 (includes hand scrub, hand massage, cuticle work, buff & polish)
Deluxe Manicure €30 (includes all of the above in 'Manicures' and heated)
Shellac Nails €32