Juliette Armand Facials

This line is based on innovative ingredients and technology, offering beauty formulas of advanced cosmetology and maximum results. All our Therapies are results driven.

Customised Facial €70
This tailored facial is customised to your specific concerns. The belief is that the skin has different moods which changes and therefore your prescription must be personalized on all levels. Targeting acne, wrinkles& sensitivity at the same time. 

Proteinous Tightening Therapy - Anti-Ageing Treatment €90
Anti-aging treatment for instant ‘Tightening’ effects with a protein cocktail & patches for all skin loosening & for skin concerns such as lack of elasticity, fine lines & wrinkles. Incorporated with the Triple Action Peeling System; combines exfoliation in 3 stages for cellular stimulation & renewal. Followed by the intense firming action of Albumin (egg white protein fraction powder) and a milk protein complex mask with kaolin cleansing properties. This exclusive professional treatment & new Instant Tightening mask sachets delivers instant firming & gives an intense boost of tightness and an instant ‘lifting’ sensation.

Vitamin C Therapy €80
This antioxidant facial is perfect for those seeking a pick me up. Vitamin C plays a vital role inhibiting ageing by environmental factors. Ideal for reducing wrinkles, pigmentation and photo ageing.This facial involves Hydra C Latex Mask and a self- heated Modelling Thermo Mask to target penetration of Vitamin C. 

Retinoid Therapy €80
This Vitamin A facial targets ageing & sun damaged skin. Retinoid HPR is sister of theVitamin A family, with all the benefits of Vitamin A, but without the side effects. This facial involves Cryolifting Latex Mask and Red Clay for lifting and firming the skin. 

Brightening Therapy €80
This whitening facial is for targeting hyperpigmentation, blotches, melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. With a combination of Vitamin C, Rumex, Arbutin and Liquorice, for regulating melanin & destabilising the tyrosinase enzyme. Discover & obtain a uniform appearance. 

Ceramide Therapy €80
This repairing facial focuses on the disrupted acid mantle, the important skin barrier for optimum skin health. Ceramides prevent dryness, irritation & protect the epidermis from environmental damage. This facial involves BIFIDUS, a natural probiotic for repairing signs of damage such as redness & irritation. 

Diamond Therapy €80
This facial is designed to put the sparkle back into you skin. Using real diamond powders and 22 active ingredients, this facial is the ultimate illumination of the skin. Ideal for brides, special occasions or getting your skin red carpet ready. 

Express Oxygen Facial €40
This facial delivers a fresh new appearance to the skin with L-ascorbic acid and oxygen.